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My Honest Review Of Crunchless Abs

Crunchless Abs Review

I will post more blog entries on crunchless abs in the future but first off I wanted to give you some useful information.
No doubt you have seen all the crunchless abs TV advertisements. So aptly timed for this time of the year. The question on everyone’s mind is

“Does crunchless abs DVD really work?”

I purchased the DVD set from Amazon 6 months ago and am really happy with the results. I have always suffered from a disproportionately large stomach – a pot belly. Very uncommon for most women – blessed with bad genetics from my mum I guess(!?) In the past I did a lot of stomach crunches, the weight watches diet and combined with lots of running on thread-mill; all without much success. Stomach flab is just so stubborn for me to lose. Stomach crunches always make my back and neck very sore and I always felt that I was exercising them more than my stomach.

Research has shown that stomach crunches only exercise 2 of the 12 muscles making up our stomach girdle. In case your interested the technical names for the four areas of stomach muscle are the rectus abdominis, external oblique, internal oblique, and the transversus abdominis. Stomach crunches don’t exercise the oblique muscle groups.

After my purchase of Crunchless Abs from Amazon I decided to keep a diary of my progress. I kept up my diet while also keeping away from carbohydrates.

The program consists of 6 quick 10-Minute workouts. You get these on 2 DVDs. This is what you get:

1. Workout 1 (Crunchless Abs 1)
This is the core training workout

2. Workout 2 (Crunchless Abs 2)
In this workout a towel is used. You stomach will feel firm and tight after this workout

3. Workout 3 (Crunchless Abs 3)
Specially designed movements will increase abdominal strength. You pick the intensity you are comfortable with.

4. Workout 4 (Progressive Standing Core Training)
This workout involves progressive standing core exercises intended to sculpt the abdominal muscles.

5. Workout 5 (Progressive Seated Core Training)
Some newer exercises designed by Linda LaRue that reach deep into your obliques and abdominal muscles.

6. Workout 6 (Progressive Floor Core Training)
This final workout is designed to work your core muscles 3-dimensionally much like a gyroscope. It also helps to build lower back strength.

I don’t know about you but I get bored with exercise. Crunchless Abs has so much variety in the exercises so I just keep rotating the workouts to keep it interesting. I really liked using the towel in workout 2. You really get to feel the stretch and I have always found stretching to be the best stress reliever.

Is Crunchless Abs A Scam ?

You need to be careful here. I have had friends who purchased from the TV commercials. Little did they know that their credit card would be charged monthly after the initial seemingly low $9 offer. I purchased the Crunchless Abs DVD Set from Amazon so there was only a once off charge and I got the complete set of exercises delivered at once anyway, so I suggest you do the same.

I can’t be sure if the diet or the tread-mill did the real work but my mid section is certainly a lot tighter and an unexpected added benefit is that I actually feel more confident with life. They say the stomach is the seat of the emotion and emotional strength – I see there is some truth to this statement now. Crunchless Abs has done more than just help me physically.

I am quite fanatical about my daily 10 minute workout. It relaxes and calms me for the rest of the day. You really need to make exercise a habit and never miss a day to make this work.

Good Luck achieving your new years resolutions.

Come back and visit as I publish more information on Crunchless Abs


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